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Communication technologies

ISO/IEC 60870-5-104

ANSI C implementation of standard communication protocol used in wide range of SCADA systems. Designed especially for embedded devices with limited performance and little operating memory.

The library covers range of common deviations from ISO standard, and can be easily extended to support other non-standard features and flavors commonly found in different branches of industry. Especially allows for full application control over exchanges defined in ISO/IEC 60870-5-5. Additionally, the library offers automatic deconstruction of most defined ASDUs into sensible data structures.

The target audience is experienced software developers with basic understanding of the protocol, with access to the text of the ISO standard itself. The library itself is not complete encapsualtion; it allows for extension where neccessary, as is usual in embedded world.

The library is supplied with complete manual, details of typical approaches, FAQ, example program and test suite. The manual and examples are available on request.

ISO/IEC 14443-4 DESFire

Extensible implementation of communication with MIFARE DESFire encrypted chip cards, in C++ for Windows and ACR890 handheld terminals.

Čtečka a karta DESFire

The library encapsulates full functionality of the cards into simple object-oriented model; the file system, access rights management, and internal security. Required cryptography (modified Tripple DES) and PC/SC protocol, with all DESFire specifics, is abstracted from the user.

Additionally, the library features transactional operations for robustness where required, and read cache for significant performance improvement.

DESFire cards are today very affordable alternative for realizations where there isn't high emphasis on cryptographic security, but it's still desirable to prevent casual eavesdropping.


Special industrial IT and automatization software technology licensing and product integration.

Communication technologies realization

Communication protocol programming has recently become our major specialization, and if you lack the time or capacities to implement neccessary components yourself, don't hesitate to ask us for a quote. We offer knowledge and in-depth experience in industrial control and data acquisition software development. Be it small or on large scale. Contact us.