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Evidence systems solutions

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Tried, tested and proven technologies

Loyalty, tourist and payment smart card systems

In the present time we specialize in implementation of complete solutions for loyalty and tourist evidences. This includes central databases and services, office software, administrative tools, both web and mobile customer-facing interfaces, mobile terminals for fieldwork or remote partners, and other specific components that vary per individual setting. We can help you choose from wide range of smart cards with various levels of security and functionality, or implement your solution without them altogether.

Custom-designed evidence systems

A robust base of all our evidence systems is built on proven professional platform from California company Developer Express Inc. It offers users comfortable environment and standardized controls, and a potential to store and process very large amount of various types of information with nontrivial dependencies. Our job is then to implement all your complext business logic and corporate processes.

Our user interfaces are typically universal and web based, internal parts of the technology then through specialized software, and where neccessary, hardware. We can design backends for both, on-premises operation and to run as a service of professional provider.

Industrial monitoring, control and signalling

Focusing on smaller and middle industrial operations, we provide design, implementation and realization of supervisory, non-critical control, signalling, monitoring and data acquisition (ANDON/SCADA) systems. These include various ways to display status, continuous measurement, data pumps, remote machinery (master PLCs) control, etc.

But no reliable system can be built without deep understanding of the custemer's domain and the problem they are solving. And that's the reason why we prefer personal approach since day zero. It's in out best interest to deliver product, that will make our customer's work easier, more efficient, and/or lowers their cost of day to day operation. We will be happy to design and deliver such product for you. Contact us.