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Privacy policies

Personal data collection policies

TRIM CORE SOFTWARE s.r.o. collects only very limited amount of data about our partners and customers. We keep just basic contact information needed for standard B2B purposes, unless contractually agreed upon otherwise. We don't send any regular e-mail bulletins or journals.

Deletion requests

All business partners can ask for a removal from our contacts through any channel, be it in person, through e-mail, or over the telephone. We will grant the request momentarily.

Legal responsibility devolution

Unless otherwise specified, within all applicable laws and regulations (e.g. GDPR), our company always acts as an independent software developer or services supplier, not the party legally conducting business. While the software itself may collect personal data, the legal responsibility shifts to the primary operator of the system, whose identifiying and contact information are always clearly available in public/user-facing parts of the interface, typically:

  • in case of web applications, on contacts or about page
  • in case of desktop software, under About or O programu (Czech) menu item
  • in case of server technology, through administrative interface and/or in documentation

Updates and statistics

Some software tools developed by TRIM CORE SOFTWARE s.r.o. support manual or automatic queries for updates. Information that such request was received remains recorded in log or database on our servers, anonymized, to be used to assess usage of the software. It is not possible to infer any personal information of the user who made the check from those records.