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The company


TRIM CORE SOFTWARE s.r.o. was founded in November 2014 as a small digital venture to sell licenses to a number of software products developed by the owners, and to provide support for these products.

Life-long experiences and achievements of the founders in these particulars sectors soon propelled the company into contracting, researching, devising and implementing solutions for specific needs of particular customers, in both, complex customer-facing systems and reliable and efficient industrial monitoring, domains.

The present day

Our company has recently acquired significant know-how in areas of access, loyalty and payment smart chip card systems, which we leveraged to design and implement several specialized customer systems.
We are today able to build such systems with very high degree of specializations for particular customer's requirements, be those in office settings or outdoor/mobile environment. That includes 24/7 monitoring and servicing, including on site response.

But communication software products still remain our primary domain. Our portfolio will soon feature modular high-performance communication and processing SCADA platform. When generally available, it will allow us to provide our solutions on wider spectrum of industrial monitoring applications with much lower initial costs.


Our immutable goal is to strengthen our position of a stable, growing and reliable partner for our current clients and partners, and to win trust and confidence of those new ones.

At this moment, we are working hard to build strong foundations for when the global economy recovers. We project that the subsequent expansion will finally allow us to create new and exciting job in the region.